B3/B4/Mk3 Suspension Interchangeability

Front Suspension: Corrado, Mk3, B3, and B4 front struts/coilovers are all interchangeable, for the same engine type

Rear Suspension: Mk3 rear coilovers and shocks will fit with the usage of the lower bolt listed below. With a cup kit, the rear may sit a bit lower because of height differences and weight differences between the Passat and the Mk3.

Bolt: N 905 173 02
Nut: N 102 090 05

B4 and B3 rear shocks/coilovers are interchangeable.

For Springs, B3 VR6 wagon rear springs are compatible with B4 VR6 sedan rear springs. The fronts are the same. B4 wagon springs are taller than the sedan because of the weight differences.

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