Seafoaming an Early Style VR6

Sefoam is an engine treatment originally developed for marine engines. However, it works very well for cleaning modern car engines. Especially the VR6 which is prone to carbon buildup. By sucking the seafoam in through the vacuum system into the engine, it will clean the carbon deposits and allow them to be burnt off. This can yield a smoother idle and smoother acceleration. By putting the seafoam directly into the gas tank, the seafoam will clean the injectors and clean and lubricate the gas pump.

Start with a can of seafoam and a cut down paper/plastic cup.


Seafoam is available at most auto stores such as Napa, Autozone, and Advance. Next, locate the vaccum line on the passenger side of the engine shown in the picture. Pull it off of the thing it is stuck on. Click on the picture to see an arrow.


Pour the seafoam into the small cup and start the engine. Allow it to idle while sucking it into the engine. Just let the tip of the hose hover above the fluid and allow it to suck the fluid up. The engine may struggle a little bit but if it stalls, then you are allowing it to suck the seafoam it to fast. I filled my small cup up 3 times and this used about half of the can. I poured the rest into the gas tank with about 3/4 of a tank left. Turn off the engine and let it sit for 5 minutes. Then start it up. It will probably take a bit to start and it will be rough when it does start. There will be a lot of white smoke. Drive it around for a bit but not too hard because the seafoam seeps past the rings and thins out the oil causing the lubricating properties of the oil to be decreased. I drove on the highway for about five minutes and after this most of the white smoke was gone. However, if your engine has more miles on it then there could be more smoke. After this, I poured the rest of the can into the gas tank and then I changed the oil for good measure.

Download a zip file containing a PDF version of this guide and detail images

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